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The Hats We Wear
Paperback Book    $13.50
Hardcover Book     $25.99

About The Hats We Wear

"The Hats We Wear" book is a multicultural, hand-illustrated book designed for children, tweens/preteens, and adults. Its primary goal is to provide an enjoyable educational experience, igniting interest, particularly in the younger generation, by delving into the history of hats, headwear, head-dressings, scarves, and caps.


This book doesn't serve as a hat-wearing guide; instead, it delves into people, their faiths, traditions, honor, purpose, protection, understanding, tolerance, self-confidence, and the ability to make a fashion statement. Highlighting the significance of open-mindedness and respecting Diversity Equity  and Inclusion (DEI), it acknowledges hats as both objects of ridicule and beauty across history. Although it covers commonly-worn hats and scarves, it acknowledges the extensive variety of thousands of hat styles and head dressings, recognizing that not all are featured in the book.


I can only imagine how much research and hard work went into producing your delightful and very informative, interesting 1st Book. 

J. M. Robinson

The Hats We Wear was eye opening for me because I never stopped to thinks about the many reasons why people wear hats or any kind of headwear. Her book illustrates the different cultures and values that people have and it also has a multi-racial representation. 

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